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How to Choose the Right Facial Mask For You

The skin care routine you use depends on your skin type and your lifestyle. So many of us are busy and it can be all to tempting to cut down on skin care - especially if it's time consuming. No one has hours to devote to mixing up ingredients and then sitting around with a facial mask on waiting for skin to be toned and tightened. Thankfully, you don't have to mix your own (even natural facial masks can be purchased) and you don't have to spend a lot of time on a mask. You can do one in about ten minutes,...


Getting Your Beauty Sleep – It’s More Than Just a Saying

One of the easy ways to keep your young looks is to get enough sleep. We may make jokes about needing our “beauty sleep”; but, the truth is, we really do need it. Sleeping right is the easiest way to fight aging. Why is sleep so important, and how can you make sure that you get better rest? First of all, feeling and looking tired is never attractive. Bags under the eyes are the surest sign that someone isn't sleeping well. Sleep is also when our bodies regenerate cells. Out with the old dead sk...


Strong Nails Can Be an Indicator of Good

Your nutritional intake is a key to maintaining healthy nails. Doctors can tell a lot about their patients' overall health simply by checking their nails. Problems with the thyroid and being iron deficient can cause brittle or weak nails. But no matter what causes nails that are weak or that don't look their best, there are some steps you can take to get great looking, stronger nails. One of those steps is to make sure that you're getting the biotin you need in your diet. Biotin helps give you energy, h...


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